Kingdom of Saxony (entity_9820428)

rdfs:label Kongeriket Sachsen (no) wikipedia_no
rdfs:label Royaume de Saxe (fr) wikipedia_fr
rdfs:label royaume de Saxe (fr) wikidata
rdfs:label Kongeriget Sachsen (da) wikidata wikipedia_da
rdfs:label Regno di Sassonia (it) wikipedia_it wikidata
rdfs:label Reino de Sajonia (es) wikidata wikipedia_es
rdfs:label Königreich Sachsen (de) wikidata wikipedia_de
rdfs:label Kraljevina Saška (sl) wikidata wikipedia_sl
rdfs:label Królestwo Saksonii (pl) wikipedia_pl wikidata
rdfs:label Koninkrijk Saksen (nl) wikidata wikipedia_nl
rdfs:label Кралство Саксония (bg) wikidata wikipedia_bg
rdfs:label Kraljevina Saska (hr) wikidata wikipedia_hr
rdfs:label Королевство Саксония (ru) wikidata wikipedia_ru
rdfs:label Kingdom of Saxony (en) wikipedia_en wikidata
rdfs:label Regatul Saxoniei (ro) wikipedia_ro wikidata
rdfs:label Reino da Saxônia (pt) wikipedia_pt wikidata
owl:sameAs dbr:Kingdom_of_Saxony dbpedia_en
owl:sameAsКралство_Саксония dbpedia_bg
owl:sameAs dbpedia_da
owl:sameAs dbpedia-de:Königreich_Sachsen dbpedia_de
owl:sameAs dbpedia_es
owl:sameAs dbpedia-fr:Royaume_de_Saxe dbpedia_fr
owl:sameAs dbpedia_hr
owl:sameAs dbpedia-it:Regno_di_Sassonia dbpedia_it
owl:sameAs dbpedia_nl
owl:sameAs dbpedia_no
owl:sameAsólestwo_Saksonii dbpedia_pl
owl:sameAs dbpedia-pt:Reino_da_Saxônia dbpedia_pt
owl:sameAs dbpedia_ro
owl:sameAs dbpedia-ru:Королевство_Саксония dbpedia_ru
owl:sameAsška dbpedia_sl
owl:sameAs wd:Q153015 wikidata
owl:sameAs yago:Kingdom_of_Saxony yago
rdf:type wd:Q26879769 (state in the Confederation of the Rhine) wikidata
rdf:type wd:Q3024240 (historical country) wikidata
rdf:type wd:Q417175 (kingdom) wikidata
rdf:type dbo:Media (media) event_kg
rdf:type dbo:Organisation (organisation) event_kg
rdf:type dbo:State (state) event_kg
rdf:type dbo:Work (work) event_kg
rdf:type sem:Place event_kg
rdf:type dbo:OldTerritory (old territory) dbpedia_fr event_kg
rdf:type dbo:AdministrativeRegion (administrative region) dbpedia_pt event_kg
rdf:type dbo:Country (country) dbpedia_pl event_kg dbpedia_en
sem:hasBeginTimeStamp 1806-01-01 wikidata event_kg yago
sem:hasEndTimeStamp 1918-12-31 yago event_kg wikidata
eventKG-s:startUnitType time:unitYear event_kg wikidata yago
eventKG-s:endUnitType time:unitYear yago event_kg wikidata
so:latitude 51.05 event_kg wikidata
so:longitude 13.7333 event_kg wikidata Kingdom of Saxony (en) event_kg
so:containedInPlace eventKG-r:entity_1630454 (German Confederation) event_kg
so:containedInPlace eventKG-r:entity_3760182 (German Empire) event_kg
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